Solar Panels And Roof Trusses What You Need To Know

It should go without saying, South Africa has an energy problem. If you need to know more, we’ve been sitting with this issue since 2007 with no solution in sight. 

With this in mind, when planning your next home in South Africa you need to ensure that you have plans to provide your own electricity – like installing solar panels. 

Here are some truss aspects to think about when planning to place solar panels on your roof.

Let’s Talk About the History Of Roof Trusses!

Right, we’re all about being the best. That means being at the cutting edge of technology, utilising the best truss software, and robotic wood cutting machines. While it might seem we’re all about the future of trusses, we also believe those who ignore past lessons are doomed to build sub-standard trusses. 

So here’s a breakdown of the history of roof trusses.

The Top Advantages Of Using Roofcon Software

It should go without saying, designing a roof truss is a complex process. We’ve dived deep into many of these aspects in numerous blogs throughout 2019. You can find them here, here, and here.

But even as experienced as we are, there are always tools of the trade that make our work easier. Like utilising 3D software. We’re not sure how truss fabricators did it accurately in the past, pre-computer era.