Communicate the design criteria from the Construction Design Documents to the Truss Designer.

Prepare the Truss Layout Plan, providing as a minimum the location assumed for each Truss based on the Truss Manufacturer’s interpretation of the Construction Design Document.

Submit to the Contractor the Truss Layout Plan, as may be required,
and each Truss Design Drawing for review and approval.

Manufacture the Trusses in accordance with the final approved Truss Design Drawings using the quality
criteria for Nail Plated Timber Trusses established by SANS 10243. Design, Manufacture and Erection of Timber
Roof Trusses.

Fabrication Certificate.

Draw owners attention to need for roof inspection in terms of SANS 10400
Regulation A19.


Roof Trusses Manufacturer Scope and Definitions | Roof Truss Designer Responsibilities