This standard defines the design responsibilities of the individuals and organizations involved in the preparation, submittal, review and approval of each Truss Design Drawing and Truss Layout Plan associated with the use of nail plate timber trusses. These guidelines are presented as industry standard practice. The guidelines are not intended to preclude alternate provisions as agreed upon by the parties involved.

The following definitions shall apply:

“Architect” shall mean the architect responsible for the architectural design of the structure and who produces the architectural drawings included in the Construction Design Documents.

“Construction Design Documents” are the architectural drawings, structural drawings, mechanical drawings, electrical drawings, and any other drawings, specifications, and addenda that set forth the overall design of the structure.

“Contractor” shall mean the individual or organization responsible for the field storage, handling, and installation of trusses including, but not limited to, temporary bracing, permanent bracing, anchorage, connections and field assembly. The term “Contractor” shall include those subcontractors to perform all or a portion of the storage, handling, and installation of the trusses.

“Engineer” shall mean the registered professional engineer responsible for the structural design of the structure and who produces the structural drawings included in the Construction Design Documents.

“Owner” shall mean the individual or organization for whom the structure is designed.

“Truss” is an individual nail plated timber structural component manufactured by the Truss Manufacturer.

“Truss Designer” is the design professional, individual or organization (system engineers), having responsibility for the design of nail plated timber trusses. This responsibility shall be in accordance with the statutes and regulations governing the professional registration and certification of engineers, but hereinafter will be referred to as Truss Designer.

“Truss Design Drawing” shall mean the graphic depiction of an individual Truss prepared by the Truss Designer.

“Truss Manufacturer” shall mean an individual or organization regularly engaged in the manufacturing of Trusses.

“Truss Layout Plan” is the drawing identifying the location assumed for each Truss based on the Truss Designer’s interpretation of the Construction Design Documents.


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