Part 1

Refer to Code of Practice SANS 10243.

Part 2

In conjunction with the code of practice SANS 10243, it will be necessary for the candidate to be familiar with the following Specific Outcomes for the Manufacture of Nail-Plated timber Roof Trusses.

1. Identify the Material and Tools required for roof truss manufacturing.

2. Demonstrate knowledge of the general functions of the equipment used for the
manufacture of timber roof trusses.

3. Demonstrate an understanding of the timber roof truss production flow.

4. Demonstrate knowledge of the general concept of raw material and product quality.

5. Understand and interpret the computer generated design cutting bills.

6. Understand the calibration and setting up of the cutting equipment.

7. Understand and be able to set up the assembly jig for nail plated timber roof trusses.

8. Inspect and quality-assure timber roof trusses.


Roof Trusses Contractor Responsibilities